Quick Links on Using C# as a Functional Language

I am using C# a lot these days (due to my work with Microsoft Solver Foundation), and for that reason I am getting more and more interested on resources that explain the functional features of the language. Since we have lots of nice features on LINQ, the idea is: why not to use that to simplify our lives?

As it turns out I found a lot of nice resources. First, a presentation showing many of the functional features available on C# (at version 3.5). For example, you will find there great illustrations of how to use closures, functional sorting and generalized algebraic data types.

Another interesting resource I found today is a free library of parallel extensions to C# (which works with version 3.5). With this library, you can write programs that create threads in a functional way using LINQ, and therefore minimizing synchronization problems.

Finally, I would like to point to Bart de Smet’s blog as a fantastic resource to really understand LINQ and functional C#. If you have the time, go through the examples and exercises in that blog and you will really flex your C# muscles.

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